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BVF Supermine

The quest for safety in the work place must be an ongoing process, especially in the underground coal mining industry.


After pursuing several processes and products we have developed a flame retardant material that can be used on Air Lock Doors, Man Doors and Roll Up Doors used underground.


Our BVF Supermine material fulfills the requirements for these applications.  The BVF Supermine is a red woven silicone/fiberglass material that complies with regulation 30CFR 75.333 (d) (1).  BVF is MSHA approved, has excellent air control capabilities, superior flexibility and is highly durable.


BVF Supermine may be purchase in 8” widths and up to 100 feet long.  Other widths and lengths available by custom orders.

BVF Supermine.JPG

2205-000050 SUPERMINE - BVF  40" WIDE
2205-000075 SUPERMINE - BVF 1" ROPE

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