Blizz FB Cable
Fabrication Shop Location


In order to satisfy a growing need within the corporate group for fabrication work, Blizzard has established a separate division, Blizzard Fabrication.  Blizzard Fab is a complete fabrication shop, equipped with shears, brakes, ironworker, punches, band, saws, welders, drill presses, and magnetic drills.


Blizzard Fab manufactures its goods to the customer’s specification.  Products are built out of lightweight metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and mild steel; we offer labor for installation, by working conjunction with Teay’s Inc.


In addition, Blizzard Fab works on contract basis with the customer to perform services such as specialized cutting, welding, and burnouts of any steel products.  The shop is equipped to shear; bend, or punch lightweight metals to the customers specifications.


Blizzard Fab also has a paint booth, which lets us finish the projects.  All materials can be delivered to the customer via the truck fleet maintained at Blizzard.