Blizz FB Cable

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The company was started by the Blizzard family in 1951, purchased by John Oblinger in 1976, and acquired by Raleigh Mine in 1995. Throughout its history, Blizzard has maintained a reputation for service with a commitment to quality. It includes a 26,000 square foot warehouse located in Bluefield, Virginia along with a 36,000 square foot, full service custom fabrication shop.


Although best known for our high quality conveyor belts and electrical cables, we stock around 8,000 different products for the mining industry. And what’s not in stock, we’ll get for you quickly. We supply mining operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and are expanding into Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. And we leverage the strength of other Raleigh Mine subsidiaries to access any resource for our customers.